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Pediatric Dental Emergencies

Young girl holding her cheek due to a tooth acheLike with any other part of the body, your child’s teeth and mouth are vulnerable to injury. Should damage or serious illness ever occur that relates to the mouth, you should seek treatment with a pediatric emergency specialist. There are many types of emergencies that children may deal with, and there are specific treatments to go along with them. In addition, our dental professionals at Sierra Kids Dentistry can assist you with first aid instructions and other information should you ever experience a pediatric dental emergency.

The Importance of Pediatric Emergency Specialists

Though dental care can be included in regular emergency medicine, it is also an option to seek out a pediatric emergency dentist. The pediatric emergency dentists at our office have special training that goes beyond regular dentists or non-dental emergency medicine. This includes four years of medical school, three or more years of special residency training in pediatrics or emergency medicine, and two or more years of pediatric emergency fellowship training. Our pediatric dentists have specific knowledge of common dental emergencies that children face and how to treat them, which regular dentists or emergency doctors may not have.

Types of Pediatric Emergencies

If you are ever unsure of whether a situation is an emergency, you can always call our office for instructions on how to proceed. There are many different illnesses and injuries that are common in pediatric emergency dental medicine. Luckily, these are all fairly easy to treat, but you need to get them taken care of as soon as possible. Some of the more common pediatric dental emergencies include broken or fractured teeth, teeth that have been knocked out, severe tooth pain or pressure, severe sensitivity, decay, abscesses, filling damage, worn enamel, and other major orthodontic injuries.


There are some first aid treatments our pediatric dentists will recommend you do at home before coming in for emergency dental treatment. These first aid procedures can help to reduce and prevent further damage as well as alleviate symptoms such as pain or bleeding. Some of these may include cold compresses, pain medication, or cleaning the injury. Every situation is different, though. So, it is very important to follow instructions exactly as our pediatric dentist provides them.

There are a wide variety of treatments our dentists may recommend. Some of them include tooth extraction, further cleaning, stitches, dental fillings or crowns, and other types of dental equipment. It is likely that our dentist will recommend after-care treatment, such as antibiotics or follow-up appointments, as well. Like with first aid instructions, it is critical that you follow these exactly as they are given. Straying from the recovery plan could lead to injury, infection, and even long-term damage.

It is also possible that our dentists will recommend going to a hospital emergency room for treatment, rather than our pediatric emergency office. There are instances where the injury or illness requires more extensive medical care. We would be able to guide you on the best treatment options for any pediatric dental emergency. For more information about pediatric dental emergencies and their treatments, call Sierra Kids Dentistry at (775) 473-1247 now.
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