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Child Dental Care FAQ
Reno, NV

Little boy brushing teeth on dental model while sitting in dental chair at Sierra Kids Dentistry in Reno, NVDental health among children is very important for their development. Because of this, you want to be sure that you take the best care of their teeth possible. Children’s dental care is similar to that of adults, but there is some information you should know. Our professionals at Sierra Kids Dentistry can give you all of the information you need about your child’s dental care.

How Do You Clean a Child's Teeth?

For infants, you should clean their mouth daily using a soft moist washcloth. You should brush their teeth at least once daily (before bedtime) starting with the eruption of their first tooth. For older children, you should brush twice daily. You will need to use a soft-bristled toothbrush and a fluoride-based toothpaste. In addition, you should floss your child’s teeth once they have two that touch.

Should Children Go to a Dentist?

Your child should see our pediatric dentist regularly once they have their first tooth. Tooth decay can begin as soon as the first tooth erupts. Our office will provide all of the necessary dental care to ensure that your child does not experience oral health issues. These appointments include routine exams as well as gentle cleanings.

Are Certain Habits Bad for Dental Health?

Many parents are concerned that habits like thumb sucking and using a pacifier can cause maldevelopment for their children’s teeth. However, these habits only become an issue if they continue past the toddler years. Once your child reaches three years old, they should start weaning off of these habits. They are not necessarily a great danger to teeth development, but our pediatric dentist will likely recommend some type of oral appliance if they continue with these habits. This may include braces, a mouthguard, or some other type of correction equipment.

Which Foods Are Safe for Teeth?

In general, children love to eat sweets. But, for the sake of their teeth, you should try to cut as much sugar out of their diet as possible. Dark colored drinks, such as sodas, and fruit can also lead to discoloration. However, discoloration does not necessarily mean permanent damage. As long as your child avoids sugars and starches for the most part, their teeth should remain in good health.

Which Dental Health Issues Do Children Face?

Cavities are the most common oral health problem that children face. The CDC reports that about 20% of children ages five to eleven have untreated tooth decay. Tooth decay can lead to further infection and other types of health problems as well. Your child may also experience tooth injuries such as chipped or cracked teeth. When teeth are coming in, there is a possibility of the teeth coming in crooked or not erupting when they are supposed to. This can create issues with eating, speaking, and other tasks in the future.

Which Dental Services Are Available for Children?

Routine dental services such as cleanings and exams are recommended for children who have at least one tooth. These are important for preventing cavities and other dental issues as well as monitoring for proper development. We offer these services in addition to restorative procedures such as filling cavities or repairing damaged teeth. We are also able to provide mouthguards, retainers, braces, and any other dental equipment your child would need. There are diagnostic tests available as well. These tests, such as x-rays, allow our pediatric dentist to check for damage, monitor development, and prepare for any upcoming dental procedure. For more information on our services, call Sierra Kids Dentistry at (775) 473-1247 now.
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Child Dental Care FAQ Reno | Sierra Kids Dentistry
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