welcome to Sierra Kids Dentistry

Our Doctors are building an exciting dental home for children of all ages. We warmly welcome your kids into our office. We listen to them carefully and help them feel safe and secure.

Our goal is to provide a pleasant experience for both parent and child while leaving your little one with an outstanding smile! While we show your family a more fun way to do dentistry, we are also protecting their smiles and systemic health. Your child may not even realize it, but we are fighting hard against tooth decay, tooth pain, and gum disease every time we see them.

A Relaxing Dental Environment

We completely understand that some patients are nervous about visiting the dentist. We try to rework the way they perceive dentistry. Your child will discover a calm and enjoyable atmosphere here, and we hope they will feel comfortable expressing their needs and questions. We pay attention to what your unique child needs. Some children need entertainment, others need detailed explanation. Some just want to talk about what’s going on at school, others want to hear about the exciting things going on in our office. We help your child sit back and relax while we gently improve their oral health.

Protecting Their Future Smiles

It is important to see your pediatric dentist so they can watch your child’s smile development. The earlier we catch problems like crowding or cavities, the easier it is to safeguard their healthy smile. It can be difficult and expensive to completely transform adult smiles, so we recommend parents start early so problems stay small. Your child deserves a smile they can love for a lifetime!

Experts Who Care

The Sierra Kids Dentistry team is special. Our Doctors carefully selected our staff based on their talent and passion. You will find that every member of our team truly enjoys working with your children! We love our young patients and we thoroughly understand how their needs differ from adult patients’ needs.

Our team is open, honest, and compassionate. We look forward to having the opportunity of meeting you and your child and giving you a fantastic dental experience! To learn more, contact Sierra Kids Dentistry today.

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